A squirrel steals pizza

WATCH: Squirrel Caught Stealing Pizza After Contactless Delivery

After getting a pizza delivered, a family noticed a couple of slices missing. They checked their security cameras and found out the culprit was a squirrel!
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Burglar Cooks Breakfast, Tells Resident ‘Go Back To Sleep’

Authorities say a burglar broke into a Florida home, cooked himself an early morning meal and told the resident there to “go back to sleep.”
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Man Shoplifted At Store, Applied For Job, Police Say

Police in northern Wyoming say a man who allegedly shoplifted at the same store twice in one day also asked to fill out a job application during one of his visits.
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Man Arrested For Burglary Minutes After Leaving Jail

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office says 37-year-old Casey Lewis bonded out of jail Thursday, only to be caught by deputies burglarizing several cars outside the jail.
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Police: Man Strikes ‘Karate Kid’ Pose Before Stealing Purse

Police say a man launched into Mr. Miyagi’s famous crane kick pose before stealing a purse at a gas station in South Carolina.
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