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Roger Daltrey

Roger Daltrey 'Angry' About Bonus Tracks On New Who Album

All is NOT well in our version of Who-ville. After commenting that the forthcoming album by The WHO was their best since the early 70’s Roger Daltrey has changed his tune...sort of. It seems “they”, those beyond Roger’s control, decided to add 4 extra tracks, 2 of which are demos, and 2 being...
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Holiday Reissue-Mania (Beatles, Stones, Etc.)

It’s time to talk about the new Reissues out for this holiday season. First off, I know there are some that think this whole Reissue Mania has gotten a little out of hand and in some cases I agree. Insert Big BUT here, there are a group of bands and artists that exist on higher plane, up in the...
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The Time KISS Was Offered Beer In Detroit

KISS has announced their final, final,final, shows for their last tour. Friday September 11th @ DTE is the Detroit area date.
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Journey & The Pretenders To Rock Detroit

There was also a musical divide with Journey, Styx, etc representing the Satin jacket and blue jeans crowd, while Pretenders and New Wave fans were more Leather jacket and black jeans. Tough rock. Here in Detroit I could almost subdivide that divide by East Side-West Side.
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When KISS Took Over ABX

After blazing through "Detroit Rock City" for the opening of the season thirteen finale of America's Got Talent, KISS revealed that their End of the Road World Tour will be their final tour.
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