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Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark Announces His Retirement From WOMC Morning Show

Stephen Clark Announces His Retirement From WOMC Morning Show
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Dusty Slay

Comedian Dusty Slay Shares Some Laughs With Stephen & JoAnne

Comedian Dusty Slay is performing this weekend. He shared some laughs this morning with Stephen & JoAnne. Click here to listen.
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Listen: Michigan Entrepreneurs Create A Bar In A Box

Heading to a party? Instead of grabbing a bottle wine, how about bringing a bar in a box?! Click here to hear Stephen & JoAnne's interview with one of the founders of FULLBAR.
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Caught on Camera: Pink Unicorn Snow Blowing Driveway

A pink unicorn was spotted snow blowing a driveway in South Lyon. Click here to check out the video that's sure to but a smile on your face.
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Picture of thongs

Priceless: Boy Finds Mom's Thong Stuck To Pants During School

Absoutely hysterical!! A boy finds his mom's thong stuck to the inside of his pants while at school! He worked hard to keep it there all day! Click here to see mom's reaction!
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VIDEO: Man's Ingenious Hack To Eat Spaghetti

No more spinning that spaghetti! One man has come up with an alternative way to enjoy the Italian dish with less work! Click here to see his controverisal life hack!
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Bohemian Rhapsody

Woman Breaks World Record For Seeing Bohemian Rhapsody ... Times?

Have you seen the 2018 movie Bohemian Rhasody? You won't believe how many times one woman has seen it. Click here to find out the World Record she set!
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Zamboni Driver To The Rescue: Plays Goalie In a Pinch During NHL Game

A Zamboni driver became a hero Saturday night after he was called in as an emergency goalie by the Carolina Hurricanes in their game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Click here to watch him play
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Stars Reach Out To Bullied Boy After Heartbreaking Video Goes Viral

A heartbreaking video of a 9 year old who had been bullied goes viral. Click here to see how stars are reaching out to show love to the little boy who has dwarfism
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American Idol Cast

Katy Perry Collapses During American Idol Auditions

This Sunday night’s American Idol features a scary scene. Click here to find out what happened that had EMS showing up to treat one of the judges!
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