A squirrel steals pizza

WATCH: Squirrel Caught Stealing Pizza After Contactless Delivery

After getting a pizza delivered, a family noticed a couple of slices missing. They checked their security cameras and found out the culprit was a squirrel!
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Squirrel Swimming Doesn't Need Saving

WATCH: Girl Tries to Rescue a Squirrel in a Pool, But It Doesn't Go As Planned

A girl tries to rescue a squirrel in a pool. The squirrel did not need saving. It was taking a dip.
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WATCH: Egg Roll Eating Squirrel Goes Viral In New York

A New York squirrel is going viral thanks to a witness' video of the rodent sitting in a tree and feasting on a whole egg roll.
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Flight Delayed After Woman Brings 'Support Squirrel' On Plane

Police had to remove a woman who brought an "emotional support squirrel" on a Frontier Airlines flight headed from Orlando, Florida, to Cleveland.
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Good Samaritan driver revives squirrel after car scare [VIDEO]

A motionless squirrel apparently stunned by a passing car has been revived by the driver who performed chest compressions beside a Minnesota road.
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WATCH: Squirrel caught on tape stealing doughnut from police

The department called it "a straight-up felony."
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