Beau Daniels

Mice in room.

Releasing Rodents In Hotels Got Man Free Stays

Man releases rodents in hotel rooms for free stays.
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Bear Cub

Dog Brings Home Lost Bear Cub

Bear cub brought home gently in dogs mouth.
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Idolize, Love,

Locals Air Who They Idolize On The Beau Show [PODCAST]

Locals Air Who They Idolize On The Beau Show [PODCAST]
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You Could Get Fined Feeding Deer

Fined For Feeding Deer
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Dog Sleeping

Dog Helps Michigan Family Discover Carbon Monoxide Leak

Carbon Monoxide Leak In Michigan Home Discovered Because Of Dog
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Millionaire Created "Sleep Pods' For Homeless

Sleep pods created for homeless.
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Trade An Ex Picture For Free Food

Burger King is offering a free whopper if you bring in a photo of your ex and stuff it in the Birds of Prey box
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Food Dislike

Food Beau's Audience Will Not Eat [PODCAST]

Food People Will Not Eat [PODCAST]
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Man Growing Tall

Short Surgery Can Increase Height 6 Inches

A doctor performs a surgery that last only about an hour an half, that can increase a persons height six inches.
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Man Stinks

Woman Wants Divorce Because Her Husband Stinks

"Husband stinks as he does not shave and bathe for nearly 10 days at a stretch."
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