Google releases list of most commonly misspelled words

The 11 words most commonly misspelled in Google searches have been revealed - and they are less complicated than you might think. Click here to check out the list.
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Ken & Barbie

Quarantine Ken & Barbie: Iconic Dolls Get Hilarious Makeovers

Barbie & Ken get a funny Covid-19 makeover! Check out the new line of spoof dolls a woman has come up with and hear JJ & JoAnne's interview her here.
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Genesee County Sheriff Walks With Protesters

On Saturday, Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson took off his riot gear and walked with protesters in Flint. JJ & JoAnne talked to Sheriff Swanson about his decision and the video that has now gone viral.
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Tom Brady

Tom Brady's Sweet Ride Can Be Yours

$300,000 sounds like a lot but wait till you see this amazing Escalade.
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Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot

'Wonder Woman' Gal Gadot Surprises Detroit Nurses

A group of nurses from Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital, wearing Wonder Woman t-shirts, were being interviewed on Good Morning America when the Gal Gadot jumped on their call and gave them some love.
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Funny video shows small dog scaring away would-be burglars

A porch camera captured hilarious video of a tiny dog scaring away two men who tried to break into a home. Click here to see the video.
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Former 'American Idol' Judge Randy Jackson Rejoins Journey on Bass

When Randy Jackson was a judge on ‘American Idol’, he would often mention the time he spent as the bass player for the band Journey, during their 1986 ‘Raised on Radio’ album and tour.
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Cedar Point

When Will Cedar Point Reopen? Ohio Governor Weighs in

When will Cedar Point open? Ohio Governor Mike Dewine weighed in on Sunday's Meet the Press. Click here to hear what he had to say.
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Washing Machine

'Take on Me' by a-ha performed on a washing machine!

Here's another use for your washing machine. And it's a lot more fun than doing laundry! Click here to check out one musician's version of a-ha's 'Take on Me'.
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Scarlet's Playground

Update: Arrest in Scarlet's Park Vandalism

Update: Man confesses to vandalism of Scarlet's Park. JJ & JoAnne talk to Stephen Clark about the arrest. Click here to hear interview
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