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Fireworks show

Ford Fireworks Moved to August 31 Without Crowds: TV-Only Event

Detroit's Ford Fireworks have been moved to August 31, and will be held as a TV-only event, no crowds! Click here for more on changes to this year's fireworks show.
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Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Spoofed On SNL

Cecily Strong portrayed MI Gov. Gretchen Whitmer from her backyard on this weekend's Saturday Night Live. The real Governor responded the next day with Charlie Langton.
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Diesel Repair Specialists are taking care of first responders

Play Trivia And Honor A First Responder

Diesel Repair Specialists, Inc in Dearborn Heights is offering a fun way to show some gratitude to our first responders.
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The class of 2020 from Lincoln Park High School put together collage pic to thank their teachers

Lincoln Park High School Class of 2020 Thanks Teachers With Viral Pic

Lincoln Park High School class of 2020 had their senior year cut short due to Coronavirus. But that didn't stop them from thanking their teachers!
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Stephen Clark

Stephen Clark Announces His Retirement From WOMC Morning Show

Stephen Clark Announces His Retirement From WOMC Morning Show
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A Lake Michigan Tugboat Crew Saves Dog On Ice

Tugboat Crew Saves Dog Floating On A Chunk Of Ice On Lake Michigan

A tugboat crew in Michigan saved a dog the other day . . . after they found it floating on an ice floe in the middle of a lake.
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Apple To Pay $500 Million For Slowing Down Older Phones

If you filed a claim with Apple over the slowing of older iPhones, you're in luck! A settlement of $500 Million has been reached. Those who are named in the class action lawsuit will get a bigger chunk of the settlement. The rest will be divided up among other owners of eligible phones.
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Michigan is ranked 3rd as the state that represents America as a whole

Michigan Ranks As One Of The Best State That Represents America As A Whole

When you look at the demographics, which state best represents America as a whole? A new study found it's Illinois, followed by Florida, Michigan, Arizona, and Ohio. Vermont ranked last.
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 A new app lets you sue the companies who issue robo-calls

Robo Revenge App Allows People To Automatically Sue Robocallers For $3,000 Per Call

We all get Robo-Calls and they are probably the most annoying thing in the world. Now, a new app lets you sue those who send you those dumb robo-calls.
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The Rolling Stones Billboards Pop Up In Detroit

Why Billboards For The Rolling Stones Are Popping Up In Detroit

The Rolling Stones are teasing their tour announcement with a video on social media and billboards in tour markets, including Detroit and Austin, Texas.
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