Coronavirus Special Features

Scarlet's Playground

All-Inclusive "Scarlet's Playground" Opens Today In Commerce Township

All-inclusive "Scarlet's Playground" is opening today at Dodge Park in Commerce Township. Click here to learn more about the park.
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What Should You Do If You Never Received Your Stimulus Check?

If your stimulus check hasn’t arrived yet, you may find yourself wondering what the hold up is. Here’s what you should double check and who to contact if you haven’t gotten your money. Read on.
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Coronavirus: The COVID Cost of Demonstrating

The wave of street civil-rights demonstrations in the wake of George Floyd’s death raise obvious concerns for medical professionals, who have been stressing for weeks the importance of keeping social distance with strangers.
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Ken & Barbie

Quarantine Ken & Barbie: Iconic Dolls Get Hilarious Makeovers

Barbie & Ken get a funny Covid-19 makeover! Check out the new line of spoof dolls a woman has come up with and hear JJ & JoAnne's interview her here.
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Is It Safe to Go to Hair Salons as They Begin to Reopen?

The days of cutting your own hair are coming to an end as non-essential businesses, like hair salons, are slowly opening back up, but many are wondering whether or not it’s safe to go. Find out now.
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Scott Fountain at Belle Isle

Scott Fountain in Belle Isle Turned On The Day the 2020 Detroit Grand Prix Was Set to Begin

Belle Isle's historic Scott Fountain is now flowing. It was turned on ahead of schedule, on the day the 2020 Detroit Grand Prix was scheduled to begin... before COVID-19 hit. Click here to see the virtual opportunities to participate in over the weekend and the donation opportunities for the city.
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Can You Have Coronavirus and the Flu at the Same Time?

Is it possible to contract both coronavirus and the flu at once? Experts weigh in on whether or not people can have the two illnesses at the same time.
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An Extra $450 a Week? What to Know About the Newly Proposed ‘Back-to-Work’ Bonus

Officials are considering a weekly ‘back-to-work’ bonus that will pay unemployed Americans returning to work $450 a week in coronavirus relief aid. Learn about the proposal.
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5 Forms of Financial Help You May Qualify for During Coronavirus

While many people are aware of the stimulus checks from the CARES Act which are still being issued this month, there are other ways to access financial help during COVID-19. These are some of the options that might still be available to you.
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Cedar Point

When Will Cedar Point Reopen? Ohio Governor Weighs in

When will Cedar Point open? Ohio Governor Mike Dewine weighed in on Sunday's Meet the Press. Click here to hear what he had to say.
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