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Crave chocolate

Spike In Chocolate Sales During Pandemic

My own personal cravings for chocolate has increased during this pandemic. A new report shows that sales of chocolate in grocery stores spiked 17.9 percent, and the more expensive premium chocolate 21.4%. This is based on sales from mid-March to August 9th. Even though my consumption has increased... Read More
Lake Michigan

Lady Swims 24 Hours Non-Stop In Lake Michigan

Marian Cardwell known for swimming the English Channel swam in Lake Michigan for 24 hours. The whole day of non-stop swimming helped raise money for the Chicago Diabetes Project. Over 10 grand was collected. Nice pick-up from @ABC7Chicago of my amazing sister, Marian ( @DiabetesSwim ). Read More
Dave Grohl accepts 10 year old's challenge

10-Year-Old Challenged Dave Grohl to a Drum-Off and He Accepted

A 10-year-old drummer challenged Dave Grohl to a drum-off, and he accepted. Here's a clip of her playing ALL the drums to Foo Fighters' "Everlong". My dream is to one day jam with Dave Grohl, @taylorhawkins and all the @foofighters ! Mr Grohl I would love to have a drum battle with you! I LOVE... Read More
Fish in pool

Resort Converts Luxury Pool Into Fish Pond During Pandemic

This resort came up with a creative way to generate income and keep staff after shutting down hotel stay during pandemic. They converted their huge luxury pool into a place to have fish, “We have had zero revenues, so in June, we put around 16,000 2-month-old pearl spot fish in the pool. We plan to... Read More
Baby birth

Best & Worst States To Have A Baby

State rankings are interesting especially when it's "Best and Worst States to Have a Baby." Michigan ranked #21 even thought we have some of the best children hospitals locally including Motts at U of M, and Beaumont. Other areas of the state might have brought the ranking down. Forbes revealed... Read More

"Brokinis" Are Now a Thing

I bet you didn't think this was needed... but ready or not, here comes the "Brokini"! It's a men's swimwear line, created by two men from Toronto, Chad Sasko and Taylor Field. The one-shoulder bathing suits for men sell for about $40 on their website . Right now they come in two styles: finapple... Read More
RV in woods.

Company Offering $1,000 To "Digital Detox" At A National Park

Big money to make a great escape. An internet company is offering $1,000 to disconnect from phone and wifi. They call it the "Digital Detox Challenge." Also cover expenses for the two day required stay in an RN at a National Park. Imagine being isolated for a couple of days surrounded by nature in... Read More

Forged In Fire: Sterling Heights Edition

This is JJ and my son Davis and I are big fans of the History show, "Forged in Fire". We were gifted the experince of forging these beautiful and leathal edged weapons at "Big Daddy's Hammerworks" in Sterling Heights. The forge is owned and operated by John Summerhill, a Forged in Fire champion. He... Read More