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Fans Rent Cranes To Be Safe At Sporting Event

This is an interesting way to be safe at public events. A bunch of fans rented cranes to watch a race at a speedway. It certainly would make me feel safer at a sporting event. Vroom with a view! Fans in Poland rent CRANES to watch speedway race after social distancing rules ... Read More
Peter Green

Fleetwood Mac's Peter Green Has Died

Together with Mick Fleetwood, the blues/rock guitarist founded Fleetwood Mack in 1967. As has been widely reported over the decades, Green suffered from mental health issues thought to have been exacerbated by his frequent use of LSD. After a final performance on May 20th,1970, Green left the band... Read More
Alligator on road

Alligators Using Crosswalk To Get Across Road

Alligators are more intelligent that I thought. Check out the video of them using the crosswalk to get across the road. Ha, actually that shows they are nicer that I thought. That was in South Carolina at a place I have visited several times, Huntington Beach State Park. People must stop for use of... Read More

Shutter Fails: Hysterical Pictures of Unusual Shutters

Shutters can add a nice look to the outside of your house, when they're done right. But when they're not, they could just end up in Scott Sidler's Instagram feed. Scott is a carpenter and founder of Austin Historical, a company in Orlando, Florida, that builds and restores old windows and doors... Read More

Small Corina Goddess Shrine Created To Battle COVID-19

I'm all about anyway to fight this COVID-19 virus. A couple of ladies created a Corina Goddess shrine called Corona Mai, “We hope that Corona devi ensures that the virus leaves us forever. Our offerings and chants will win us some respite from the virus. We have decided to worship Corona devi every... Read More
Rose and CheezIt Box

Cheez-It And Wine Box Combo Available For National Wine & Cheese Day

Cheez-It is continuing its boxed wine and cracker combo packs. This year, it’s a box of rosé alongside Cheez-It White Cheddar crackers. The limited-edition wine and cracker combo-pack, which goes on sale today for $29.99, holds a three-liter box of House Wine Rosé and about 20 servings of Cheez-It... Read More
Lemonade stand

Money Given To Kids Who Cannot Open Lemonade Stand

Companies are going thru tough times during this crisis, some have received support. This pandemic is also affecting kids having lemonade stands. It's very cool that Country Time Lemonade has established what they call "Littlest Bailout," for kids 14 and under, "We know this will be a rough summer... Read More