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Turn up the Miracles Radiothon

104.3 WOMC Turn Up the Miracles Radiothon Thursday, November 19, 6 am – 6 pm Text WOMCKIDS to 51555 to donate Radiothon Call Line: 877-335-KIDS (5437) Listen to 104.3 WOMC all day on Thursday, November 19, 2020 as we raise money for pediatric patients of Beaumont Children’s... Read More

Eating Spicy Food Often Can Reduce Mortality Around 25 Percent

Major and intensive research is pretty much confirming eating chillies and tomatoes is very healthy. Around a 25 percent reduction in cancer mortality, cardiovascular mortality, and all-cause mortality. Some research even had it higher at close to 40 percent for heart disease. Older research had it... Read More

Fed Up With Potholes Man Plants Trees In Them

I would not be surprised seeing this happen here. We have been dealing with extreme pothole situations for years. They cause most of the repairs on my vehicles. Some are so bad on highways those sections should be shut down. Props to Kevin Martin who had to replace all four of his tires because of... Read More
Elton John performs during his 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' tour at Madison Square Garden on October 18, 2018 i

Elton John: This One's A Jewel

Elton John is giving you another look inside his new career-spanning collection, Jewel Box with the release of "I Can’t Go on Living Without You." With lyrics credited to Bernie Tapuin but written by Elton, it was recorded in the spring of 1968 at Dick James Music studios in London. The song was... Read More
yellow leaves

Many Are Paying To See The Yellow Leaves On 1400 Year Old Tree

We all love seeing the colors of leaves change on trees. Here is a tree people make reservations and pay to see. Ginkgo tree, 1400 years old❗️ The oldest tree in the world‼️ - Buddhist temple Gu Guanyin - — ------------® (@TumaruTule) January 17, 2017 During a twenty day... Read More

Resort In Cabo Selling Taco Costing $25,000

Imagine a taco that cost $25,000. The cool thing is it was created for to raise money for charity, but still being sold. Available in Los Cobo at a restaurant in the luxury resort Grand Velas, “Our ultimate goal at Grand Velas Los Cabos has always been to break the mold of expected, traditional... Read More
What's your favorite side dish for Thanksgiving?

Here's the Most Popular Thanksgiving Side Dish in Every State

Do people really like green bean casserole this much? I mean, REALLY? A new study looked at Google Trends data to figure out which Thanksgiving side dish is the most popular in every state. And the results might not be what you'd expect. Mashed potatoes were the most popular . . . they won 10... Read More
Earth Pulse

Earth Has A Heartbeat

All living things have a pulse. The Earth is said to have a pulse. Experts have detected a “microseism” that makes a sound every 26 seconds. Detected over 60 years ago, they still don't know what's generating it. Some think its waves, which makes no sense to me because it happens every 26 seconds... Read More

2020 Toy Hall of Fame Inductees Announced

Drumroll please... The National Toy Hall of Fame has announced its 2020 inductees, and they include the classic doll Baby Nancy, sidewalk chalk and the game Jenga. Those three beat out nine other classics that included that included bingo, Breyer Horses, Lite-Brite, Masters of the Universe, My... Read More
Scared kid

Man Gets Paid To Scare Kids Acting As "Bad Uncle"

Parents are paying a guy to play a mean uncle with video post. They are used to make their kids do things they often refuse to do. An example of what he says, “Trash should be thrown into the trash can, don’t you know?" Also, “If you don’t do your homework, don’t eat and don’t go to sleep, I will... Read More