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Aniston: Netflix 'Friends' Deal A Testament To Show's Value

By RYAN PEARSON, AP Entertainment Writer LOS ANGELES (AP) — Jennifer Aniston calls it "amazing" that "Friends" still has an audience big enough to prompt multi-million dollar business deals to keep it from disappearing on Netflix. "I find it amazing that it's continued to have such love and such an... Read More

Lindsey Buckingham: There's A Settlement

Lindsey Buckingham's lawsuit against Fleetwood Mac was quietly settled out of court just weeks after it was filed. Terms were not disclosed. In an interview with Saturday's CBS This Morning, Buckingham said, "We’ve all signed off on something,” adding that he is “happy enough with it. I’m not out... Read More

Leaping Lemur Surprises Florida Trooper During DUI Arrest

SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — A lemur surprised a Florida Highway Patrol trooper when it crawled from a trailer being pulled by a pickup truck that had been stopped for driving erratically and hitting other cars. Dashcam video shows the lemur peeking out of the trailer before hopping to the ground and... Read More

Items Belonging To Frank Sinatra Make $9M Hit At Sotheby's Auction

NEW YORK (AP) — The private treasures of Frank Sinatra and his wife, Barbara, were a multimillion-dollar hit at auction. Sotheby's reported Friday that the couple's entertainment memorabilia, art, jewelry, books and other personal items sold for $9.2 million — about twice their pre-sale estimates... Read More

Help Your Child Create the Perfect Letter For Santa

Do you have a child looking to address a letter to the North Pole? Well, Santa Claus needs ideas of what to get your little boy or girl for Christmas this year and time is running out. We have found the perfect template for kids of all ages to create their wish list this year (as long as they're on... Read More

"A Christmas Story" House Now Offers Overnight Stay

Staying in a famous house can be fun, and of course very profitable for the owners. Now the owner of the house featured in the movie A Christmas Story is allowing people to spend the night, "I just thought, 'That is the opportunity of a lifetime right there. That won't come along twice.'" People... Read More

Elton John: Vintage Christmas Performance Unearthed

A recent search through the ITV archives in England discovered a long-lost Elton John performance of "Step Into Christmas." The clip aired on Gilbert O'Sullivan: Welcome to My Show on December 22nd, 1973. Sir Elton and his band perform the song, joined John's songwriting partner, Bernie Taupin, on... Read More

New Vending Machine Sells Nothing But Bacon For Just $1

(104.3 WOMC) -- Ohio State University students can easily bring home the bacon thanks to a new vending machine that popped up before the semester’s end. Courtesy of the Ohio Pork Council, the vending machine is going hog wild for bacon, offering strips and bits for just $1 until Dec. 13. Located in... Read More

Bah, Humbug: Florida Neighbors Scorn Woman Over Display

HOLLY HILL, Fla. (AP) — A woman has been scorned by her neighbors in a high-rise Florida condo because of a holiday message she spelled out in lights across her balcony. Kathy Hill says the Ebenezer Scrooge phrase ’Bah Humbug” is one of her favorites at Christmas. But other residents of the twin... Read More