KFC Is Now Selling 'Secret Recipe' Fries - And They Taste Just Like Its Chicken

September 10, 2019

Moses Robinson/Getty Images for KFC


We want to hit "pause" on all of the rampant chicken sandwich drama that Popeyes brought down on the internet this month, and introduce you to what might be your next fast food obsession. 

KFC is reportedly testing "Secret Recipe" Fries, according to a post on popular food website The Impulsive Buy.

The french fries are not yet available in all the states, but they've been spotted by KFC fans in both California and Indiana.

KFC SECRET RECIPE FRIES ---- @kfc seasoning their new fries like fried chicken now!!! These might replace potato wedges, would you be down for that? --: @pham_bot #FOODBEAST #dailyfoodfeed #fastfoodnews #kfc #kfcfries #kfcsecretrecipefries #secretrecipefries #fries #frenchfries #fastfood #outhereflourishing

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It's being reported that the "secret recipe" name refers to KFC's secret blend of spices and herbs for its fried chicken. KFC is famously only following 11 people on Twitter, of which all of them are some variety of spice or herb.

Secret Recipe Fries have been spotted by Impulsive Buy reader Angela D. at a KFC location in Greenfield, Indiana. From the name, it's safe to assume these fries have been seasoned with the Colonel's secret blend of 11 herbs and spices. Have you seen it in your area?⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #kfc #fastfood #fastfoodie #fries #friedchicken #food #foodpics #foodie #instafood #eeeeeats #nom #nomnomnom

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So far, the internet is very, very excited.