Stephen & JoAnne's Favorite Things: The EcoDryer

A dream for parents who deal with wet mittens & gloves

December 18, 2019

Stephen & JoAnne's Favorite Things

JoAnne's pick today is a dream for parents who deal with wet gloves and mittens all winter long. 

It's called the Eco Dryer by the Green Glove Dryer, and it couldn't be any simpler. It's a floor dryer you place over your heat vents. It allows the heat in your home to dry the gloves or mittens from the inside out, by directing the air directly into and up the gloves or mittens. It can also be used to dry boots and athletic gear.

Check out the interview with inventor Karen Smoots. She explains why it works so much better than just resting the gloves or mittens on the heat register.

Right now Karen is offering 20% the EcoDryer for WOMC listeners with the code WOMC20