Parents Pick Made Up Names For Kids To Help Them Stand Out

Social media plays a role

February 12, 2020

We've all heard the bizarre names some parents give their kids. A new survey shows parents are often choosing made-up names as a way to them stand out.

The sruvey was done by ChannelMum in the U.K. It found 65% of parents are wiling to consider made-up names and 7% already have named their kids with one.

Some examples of these types of names include Jaspin, Elisobelle, Wrenlow, Maevery, Tovin and Evabeth.

The survey found 72 percent believe a unique name will help their child stand out, and some admitted to choosing a made-up name for social media, so it would one day be easier for potential followers to find their child. However, they were giving thought to some of the drawbacks, with two-thirds concerned a made-up name would be hard to spell and pronounce, 62 percent worrying they will be judged by others as tacky, and one-third concerned teachers will judge their child based on their unusual name.