Doobie Brothers Crack A Half-Million Votes For Rock-N-Roll Hall Of Fame

December 2, 2019

The Doobie Brothers have cracked the half-million mark in the Fan Vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Class of 2020.

Michael McDonald on The Doobies Brothers being nominated for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. "It's remarkable that we are eligible for that. I think the band deserves that for a large part of their history was before I even joined them, you know, and they literally started with their first hit record in the '70s. So, it's great to see Tom [Johnston] and Pat [Simmons] especially get this honor -- and all the guys who started out. The original guys, you know, are really responsible for the iconic history of the band and it's just great to see it happen. But, at our age, to be eligible for anything is a good thing, you know."

The Doobies are still in third place behind the Dave Matthews Band, who top the voting with more than 640,000, and Pat Benatar at with 567,000.

The rest of the list -- 16 nominees in all -- remains the same with Soundgarden fourth and Judas Priest fifth.

Thin Lizzy, Motorhead and Todd Rundgren are eight, nine and 10, and T. Rex sits at 12.

And, not surprising, Kraftwerk, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan and the MC5 are still sitting at the bottom, as has been the case for all the years they've been nominated. If you're counting, it's five times for Kraftwerk, four the the MC5, and three for Rufus featuring Chaka Khan.

The other nominees are Whitney Houston, Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode and The Notorious B.I.G.

Voting at is open until January 10th. The 2020 induction ceremony will take place on May 2nd in Cleveland.

Even though it's been 25 years since Michael McDonald last joined The Doobie Brothers for a full-scale tour, it's clear there's a lot of mutual respect. With next year's 50th anniversary reunion tour set, Tom Johnston is happy to have McDonald back on board.

Tom Johnston of The Doobie Brothers is happy that Michael McDonald will tour with them in 2020. "We haven't toured as a band with Michael, in, what, 25 years I think it is. Doing a for-real tour. And so, I'm looking forward to this, I think this will be a lot of fun. Michael adds quite a bit, he's great to have around. Talented guy, great singer, great songs. You get to hear something from every era of the band."

McDonald, who made his Doobies debut with "Takin' It to the Streets," knew he was handed a golden opportunity when he first joined the lineup. "I mean the band was so well established with Pat and Tom and the original guys when I joined 'em. One of my first memories of going to rehearsals in San Francisco after the first tour was going over to Keith Knudsen's house and seeing all the platinum records on his wall. And I thought, 'My gosh! How lucky can you get.' This is a well-established band that has had success unlike most bands."