Woman Gets Roasted Online For Trying To Ring Shame Her Boyfriend

November 7, 2018

ID 98582305 © Dontree | Dreamstime.com

This whole fiasco starts off simply enough; a woman found an engagement ring in her boyfriend’s night stand. Naturally she assumed he was going to propose, but she took offense to the “no where near dream ring.” Being the sweet girl she seems to be, said woman shared the ring with a Facebook ring shaming group.

Yes, these groups exist, but apparently, they're not above totally turning the tables. This is what the lady wrote… “Ewwww. Self shame Friday here I come. Found this in the BF’s nightstand. Not a fan. Please roast and then tell me how to tactfully say no you need to go get something different.”

Needless to say, Reddit has gotten a hold of the post and the best (and most repeated) comment was “I hope he saw this post and never proposed.” Many others pointed out the actual relationship between two people is more important than any ring. No word if he's aware or if he proposed.