VIDEO: FedEx Driver Stops To Fold Flag That Fell

December 3, 2018

ID 9812717 © Davina Washington |

When a windy day blew a flag down from the porch of a Maryland couple’s home, a FedEx driver stopped to get it. Mike King, longtime delivery driver and veteran, parked the truck and security camera footage from Gail Cook and her husband’s home show the driver’s good deed.

King picked up the flag and took the time to fold it properly, leaving it for the couple on their porch. When they saw what he did, she shared the footage on Facebook and thanked King for his kindness during the busiest time of the year for deliveries.

"It's the Marine way," King, a former Marine, commented on her post. "Would have done better justice for Lady glory if the wind wasn't gusting at 50. I couldn't just drive by and do nothing."