Stephen & JoAnne's Favorite Things, Day 7: Detroit Scroll

Detroit bus scrolls on apparel of all kinds

December 14, 2018

Stephen & JoAnne pick products from Detroit Scroll on Day 6 of their Favorite Things.

Owner Patti Kay has a passion for Detroit’s history. In 2010, she happened upon original Detroit bus scrolls at a flea market and came up with an imaginative concept. She had the original scrolls digitally scanned and created a unique line of vintage product so her fellow Detroiters could proudly wear or display a distinct part of their heritage.

She offers everything from clothing to glassware to aprons.

**Right now Patti is offering a set of 4 wines glasses with Detroit street names on them for $30, regulary $46. Use promo code WOMC30 at checkout.

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Detroit Scroll