The Holidays Are All About Traditions, Even Quirky Ones

November 30, 2018

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For a lot of Americans, the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without the traditions of their childhood. In fact, a new poll finds that 52% of Americans try to replicate holidays from their childhood, with 73% of people saying holiday traditions are important to them. 

These nostalgic traditions are so important that 50% of folks say they celebrate traditions that have been passed down for generations, with 32% continuing ones they started with their grandparents and another 27% following traditions from their great-grandparents or farther.

The most common family tradition is decorating the Christmas tree (57%), followed by decorating the house (54%), watching holiday movies (50%), playing holiday music (48%) and sending out holiday cards (40%). But not everyone’s holiday traditions are, well, traditional. The poll finds that 19% of people say their family has a quirky holiday tradition they always follow. Some of those quirky traditions include:

Dressing their cat up in a holiday costume

Playing Mario Kart games on Christmas morning

Exchanging ugly ornaments

Camping in the living room on the night of Christmas Eve

Opening all their presents on Christmas Eve

Making ornaments with their dog’s paw print

Watching horror movies on Christmas day

Sending holiday cards to people they don’t know

Hiding Christmas presents for the younger kids

Making snow angels

Wearing silly Christmas pajamas