Bob Dole Pays Respects To President Bush At Capitol

December 5, 2018

Jack Gruber-USA TODAY

Mourners by the thousands have continued filing past the flag-draped casket of former President George H.W. Bush at the U.S. Capitol in recent days – and a number of them ended up being greeted by his son, former President George W. Bush.

The nation's 41st President has been lying in state in the Capitol Rotunda, with the public viewing continuing until 8:45am this morning – when he’ll be honored with a state funeral at Washington's National Cathedral. In what was perhaps the most poignant moment during yesterday’s viewing, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole was among those paying respects to the late President.

As you might recall, Dole and Bush were decorated World War II veterans who tangled in the 1988 presidential campaign. Bush won the Republican nomination and went on to serve one term as President. But when he arrived yesterday, it was clear that any old wounds had healed as an emotional Dole looked on. And then, he was assisted out of his wheelchair – and he saluted the former president. You can see video on the right.

Elsewhere in the Capitol yesterday, President Trump visited with members of the Bush family at Blair House, which is across the street from the White House. In an earlier tweet, Trump said he was looking forward to visiting with the “wonderful” Bush He also praised the planning for the former President's final trip to the nation's capital, saying it has been marked by "elegance and precision."