Barry Manilow Reveals Shocking Reason Why He Stopped Inviting Fans On Stage

July 10, 2018



(WOMC) - Ahead of Barry Manilow's big concert Friday night at Caesars Windsor, he has revealed the shocking reason why he stopped inviting fans up on stage.

Previously, he used to ask someone to join him to sing the song "Can't Smile Without You."

But those days are over.


A woman got so nervous and excited she peed on his stage!

"It got too crazy," Manilow said to Stephen Clark and JoAnne Purtan on WOMC's morning show. "So now I just ask the whole audience to sing real loud."

He also talked to Stephen and JoAnne about everything from his concert to his thoughts on pop music today. Hint: He's not a fan. 

"There's not enough melody for me since I am a musician I always go for the melody, and these days it's all about rhythm, " Manilow said. "There seems to be a lack of melody on the radio." 

Manilow also revealed that despite his contemporaries retiring -- like Elton John, Paul Simon and Neil Diamond -- he's not stopping anytime soon. 

"I've kind of backed off the long tours," Manilow said. "I do go out on one nighters and I've also accepted a residency in Las Vegas -- and that is a lot of fun because it's a couple of weekends a month and keeps the band and me and the crew working."

Manilow mentioned that the Vegas show is notably different than the one that's on the road, which even includes a 3D movie!

As for Friday night right across the river in Windsor, Manilow revealed that fans should expect lots and lots of hits!  

He said that he's been trying to fit many of his hits into an 85-minute show. Learn more about his show at Caesars Windsor here

Listen to his entire interview with Stephen and JoAnne below.