Still Rolling Still a STONE.

Happy Birthday, Keith Richards!

December 18, 2018

Photo: Larry McCormack / USA Today


(104.3 WOMC) -- Believe it or NOT!  Keith Richards turns 75 on Tuesday, Dec 18, 2018.  Highly unlikely in the 70s, it’s true now!  

His work sculpting and crafting the zillion of Rolling Stones hits and classics cannot be understated. 

Once the band got it’s shot at the big time, Keith was the prime spark plug of their musical engine. Once Keith, the Human Guitar Riff,  and Mick Jagger got the hang of songwriting together the sky was limit.

Keith has always been the musical compass of the band and while other musical trends have influenced the Stones as they’ve come and gone, Keith always reminded the band of it’s musical “True North.” 

Keith announced recently he had all but given up drinking, and all of the hard stuff. “I didn’t want that anymore,” he said.

Remember he had given up cocaine several years ago on doctors orders. This was a result of the head injury he sustained after falling out of tree.

In his book “Life” Keith states he had been swimming, and on the beach was a tree with a very horizontal branch not really high up. He climbed up and sat on the branch. When he was called for lunch, he grabbed another horizontal branch to get down.  

His wet and sandy hands slipped and his feet swung out in front of him instead of dropping straight to the ground, causing him to hit the ground, on his heels, at an angle. He hit the back of his head hard against the tree trunk, while falling backwards.

There was internal hemorrhaging and the doctors warned him, in Keith’s slang, “No more bump.” 

Doctors say in the event of a Global Climactic Meltdown, the only survivors will be....Insects and Keith Richards.

Happy Birthday, KEEF!