Roger Daltrey 'Angry' About Bonus Tracks On New Who Album

December 20, 2019
Roger Daltrey

All is NOT well in our version of Who-ville. After commenting that the forthcoming album by The WHO was their best since the early 70’s Roger Daltrey has changed his tune...sort of. It seems “they”, those beyond Roger’s control, decided to add 4 extra tracks, 2 of which are demos, and 2 being unused old Who songs. “This bonus track Sh(stuff) t, I don’t get it.” Roger told Billboard, “To me it just makes a perfect album, imperfect. Putting demos on a finished record is an absolute joke. It’s not the Who. They’re just abusing our name, putting on what are not Who songs on a (Freaking) Who record, and I don’t get it. I get quite angry about it to be honest.” As a wise man said...”What to leave in, What to leave out.”  Boom!  

Remember most of the Who songs are presented in a rough demo form by Pete to the band. There’s not a ton of input until that point. I can see an artist not wanting to give us a peak behind that curtain, blemishes and all, until the work has been completed..BUT as I've said before, a few of the really big Legends of rock can get away with it because we’re curious and they’re our life-long legends.  This does not apply to lesser bands none of which I will name here, but you get it. I also know some people like to think they’re getting more value or a bigger bargain by counting the number of tracks. Sort of like the people that judge a concert by how long they played.

I can see both sides point but...What do YOU think about the bonus tracks in general?  Filler?  Welcome addition? Let me know.