Robert Plant Announces Podcast-Inspired Singles Box Set

September 30, 2019
Robert Plant

Ian Gavan/Getty Images


Robert Plant vocalist and rock deity has new project.

A vinyl singles box set based on the tracks that will be featured on the second season of his Diggin Deep podcast.

According to Presenter Matt Everett, it will contain, “songs spanning three decades – hit singles, B-sides and tracks from each of his solo albums.”

"They come in a beautiful bespoke hardback book format including the restored original 7" artwork. It’s a thing of beauty,” said Everett

All the hits that MISSED? We all know Robert has taken his musical journey into directions far different than Led Zeppelin and those ground pounding anthems from long ago. But who can blame the guy? I know we love all that stuff but imagine trying to recapture the urgency and energy of 50 years ago night after night. Not to mention hitting those Plus,  He doesn’t want to be, "too much of a parody … some kind of phony playing soup-in-a-basket rehashes of Zeppelin."

I’m not sure I would have put it exactly like that, but we know where he’s coming from. Playing the part at 71 would almost be like Stallone lacing up the gloves for his next Rocky flick.

All that being considered, I’m glad Plant is still around and I’m looking forward to the release of Robert Plant’s VINYL Box set Dec. 13.