Rare-ish Bruce

July 9, 2018

Photo by Michael Zorn/Invision/AP, File


(WOMC) - 1978 was a banner year for Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. There was enormous pressure to follow up the success of Born To Run with an album that would not disappoint.

The release of “Darkness On The Edge of Town” album did just that.

They embarked on a massive tour to win more fans and one of those great shows is now officially available.

The show at the Roxy in 1978 was originally broadcast in So. Cal on KMET radio so tapes have been floating around forever.

Now there will be an official release with probably some better mixing when needed.

Here in Detroit, rock station, WABX, broadcasted a similar show live from the Agora in Cleveland in August of that summer of 1978. I was working at WABX then and actually captured some of that show on my old reel-to-reel recorder.

I’m sure many of you remember that show IF you were a Bruce fan in 78.

His fan base wasn’t at the peak he achieved in the mid 80’s. Regardless, here’s a great piece of musical history by one of America’s finest. Great setlist too!