Queen Is King

July 25, 2019
Queen in 1976

Getty Images


Another big milestone was reached by Queen, who is coming to town this Saturday night. The monster hit, “Bohemian Rhapsody” has hit one (extend pinky) BILLION views on YouTube. That tops all videos made before the 1990s.

Check this out. Although the video was posted in 2008, a full one-third of the viewing has happened after the release of the Bohemian Rhapsody movie. Not surprising.

Although it was originally made more 40 years ago, it remains a top notch video, setting the standard for videos that followed.

Remember these promo clips were done before there was MTV. Now listen to this. Last year, Bruce Gowers, who shot the video over four hours and was paid 500 English funds, about $900-$1000 back then, he contemplated legal action because the band was using it after the fact in live shows, without Gowers getting any $$$.

Bruce said, “I didn’t think anyone was that into it for making money.” (It was a Promo clip used to promote the record.), “It was a thrill to work with Queen, to do a music video and see it played on television.”

He feels he and younger directors who came after him have been taken advantage by the whole industry. But in hindsight, who knew? It was a film clip to support the record. The one true thing it, and the movie, have accomplished is turning a whole new generation on the music of Queen.

The awareness and excitement is high as we get ready to welcome Queen with Adam Lambert to Little Caesars Arena on Saturday, July 27!