Pinch Me

August 20, 2019

Nathan Vicar/WOMC

I must be Dreaming’. Or at least Dream Cruising’.  What a week. I broadcasted from the epicenter of the cruise at Duggan’s 6 nights in a row beginning Monday. You know what? It never got old.

It was great to meet and mingle with so many of you and hear what’s up with you and your take on radio. You know that usually comes up. Good! I really still love the Woodward Dream Cruise. 

I guess I was born at the right time and hit the sweet spot of that era. My dad worked at Ford and was bringing home a new “T” Car of Test Car every week. Lots of cool ones. Early Shelby Mustangs, 64 Galaxie 500 XL, 427, stick, a Lincoln that resembled the Kennedy car, black with suicide doors. (remember those?) little European imports, all kinds of stuff. Hitting Telegraph with my buddy and his older brother, 289 Mustang then Z-28. 

That, and building Model Cars had me all in when in the summer of 69, Woodstock happened, Neil Armstrong walked on the Moon, and ...wait for it....Kostan gets his license!  

Being at the official station 104.3 WOMC is great. I've spent many years at other stations that were outside looking in. Again, Thanks for dropping by and adding to the fun!