Nick Mason's Early Pink Floyd Tour Heads To The USA

November 5, 2018

Jill Furmanovsky/ via AP


(104.3 WOMC) -- No longer a Secret, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason will take his “Saucerful of Secrets” project and tour across the Atlantic for a tour of the USA in 2019.

I wrote about this project a few weeks ago and what Nick is doing is reviving the early days of Pink Floyd to a mainly new audience, us.

I never saw Pink Floyd before their gig at the Ford Auditorium spring of 1972 and by then they were light years beyond the 1968 album, “Saucerful of Secrets.”  

While they did play some stuff from that album then, “Set the Controls For the Heart of Sun,” an encore followed by a blues riff song that saw the band slowly remove gear and instruments from the stage one by one in the ultimate Anti-climax,  this tour will be heavily focused on that trippy platter.

It was born of the transition between Sid Barrett and David Gilmour and they both play on the album.

Mason told Ultimate Classic Rock, “With the help of some like minded friends, I have embarked on a voyage of discovery of the music that was a launch pad for Pink Floyd and my working life. It seems too early to retire and I missed the interaction with other musicians.”  Works for me!  

The Saucer lands at the Fillmore April 9.

NO ticket info at this time. 104.3 WOMC will keep you posted.