Rare Rockin and Good

January 23, 2019

(Photo by Jo Hale/Getty Images)


(104.3 WOMC) -- While The Who with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at Little Caesars Arena has gotten most of the attention, a cool little show popped up under the radar.

Mott The Hoople 74 at the Fillmore April 5. First off, I love the Fillmore. Rock and roll heard in the big older theaters is always the best. A real Goldilocks sized, and cool venue. They just did a revamp of the Fillmore last summer too.

Mott The Hoople was around a few years before their big fame after “All the Young Dudes.”  They were pretty much a flashy straight ahead rock&roll band with the song “Rock&Roll Queen” getting some airplay on WABX around 1970.

I saw them in the spring of '71 at the Eastown and the best way to explain it is,  “If you liked the Stones and later Bowie, you probably liked these guys.”  

You can probably add early Rod & the Faces Detroit shows to that list also.

Arial Bender was the replacement for Mick Ralphs who left to play guitar for the newly forming Bad Company, hence the ’74’.  ABX listeners might remember him as Luther Grosvenor, the guitarist that tore up “Evil Woman” from Spooky Tooth.

They used to blast that album “Spooky Two,” with those great Gary Wright vocals over that massive PA at the Eastown during those looooong set changes.

Fast forward to 2019 with bands going on On-Time, a great venue, and a killer set list, sounds like a can’t miss!

One question: Does Dr.Scholls offer an insert for Platform Boots?  Mott The Hoople at The Fillmore on April 5.



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