July 12, 2018

(WOMC) - Stadium shows have always been a special thing in the concert world.

The mere fact that there are so many others there for the show, brings the party aspect more to the forefront. Huh?  It becomes half show, Half “Be-In.”

The Friday, July 13th show with Def Leppard, Journey and The Pretenders, promises to be just that.

Remember in 2018 we have the open air and really nice Comerica Park instead of the old Silverdome.

Journey has been a part of the Detroit concert scene for 40 years, and that was due in large part to Journey being partners with Detroit Rock Radio.  

There were several softball games at various locations in the late 70’s-early 80’s. Hey, that’s when everyone could actually run!  

The guys were always accessible to both us radio types and all the Detroit fans. Accessible and flat out friendly.  I’m sure many of you were there. 

Even Steve Perry was there for most of those.  

Today’s Journey has Arnel Peneda doing Steve’s vocals. He actually does a great job. His story is pretty amazing as well. Google him. 

I mean if Steve can’t be there... Combine Journey with Def Leppard, and the always cool Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders and it adds up to a happening Friday night.

The mingle is half the fun. Look for 104.3 WOMC outside Comerica Park and at Cheli’s on E. Adams.