McCartney's Buying!

February 1, 2019

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Image


(104.3 WOMC) -- Here’s a quick chuckle as we head into our weekend of Super Shopping.  

You are sending someone to the store, oh yeah.. and you are Paul McCartney. Author Barry Miles, who wrote the Sir Paul bio, “Many Years From Now,” said Paul was very anxious to stay in touch with what he regarded as ordinary, normal people.

Paul would even ride the bus occasionally too. That’s all well and good, Here’s the fun part.  

Barry continues, “I remember just a few years ago when I was at his studio, he asked one of the roadies to go out and buy him a bottle of whiskey, because he had people coming over, and he gave him a (2 pound note) .” That’s around $2.50 to us Motor City Yanks, “The roadie said, 'Well, it’s gone up since then Paul.'" 

I’m thinking it cost 2 English pounds when Paul was 16, circa 1958! The pound was stronger back then also.  

My first reaction was “Hey that’s life in the Beatle Bubble” but upon further review...Remember the saying about being able to remember a song lyric from 50 years ago but you can remember what you had for lunch??  

Congrats Paul, sounds extremely ’normal’ to us!   Football game? Oh yeah...