Lou Gramm Says He's Played His Final Solo Show

January 4, 2019



(104.3 WOMC) -- Lou Gramm the lead vocalist on a ton of Foreigner classics has announced that he is ...threw, thru ...um Through performing.

He made the announcement to the crowd on Dec 29 at a gig in upstate New York.

Lou said, he’d enjoyed “quite a few years of a lot of fun” but that he’d been “talking a little bit with my wife and people in the business," he added, “You get real excited when you start out in this business, but you’ve got to be smart enough to know when to walk away from it too, And I just feel it’s that time for me.”

Gramm had battled a brain tumor in the late nineties which was benign but....the surgery damaged his pituitary gland which caused weight gain, and affected his stamina and voice.

He still worked work with Mick Jones in Foreigner until he left again in 2003 and went back out solo.

Lou turns 69 in May, we wish him well.