Journey & The Pretenders To Rock Detroit

November 4, 2019

Getty Images


I guess these days it’s never too early do a lot of things and Concert announcements are right up there. We know about Elton John’s return to LCA in May and now it’s JOURNEY wsg. The PRETENDERS at DTE July 5th. That falls on a Sunday with the Fourth of July landing on Saturday next year.  

Back around 1979-1980 this would have been an unlikely  lineup.  Journey, along with Styx, Foreigner, Boston and others were playing the arenas and outdoor amphitheaters, the sheds, for a few years then while the newer bands like, the Pretenders, Cars, Knack, Romantics, Joan Jett, were still up and coming.

There was also a musical divide with Journey, Styx, etc representing the Satin jacket and blue jeans crowd, while Pretenders and New Wave fans were more Leather jacket and black jeans. Tough rock. Here in Detroit I could almost subdivide that divide by East Side-West Side.

Fast forward to today and it all seems quite distant...because in is.  We’re just glad to have many of “our” bands still around and touring and Chrissie Hind and the Pretenders are a real gem. I last saw them open for the Rollings Stones tour in Boston in 2002. Plenty of their cool songs, delivered really well. Journey has always had great players, and can really put the hammer down when needed between ballads.

It’ll be a great summer night, with that “night” being mostly daylight, (Remember DAYLIGHT?)  on July 5th. Journey wsg. The Pretenders tix go on sale to General Public this Friday November 8th 10 am. 104.3 WOMC has your tickets.