'Electric Ladyland' Slight Return

November 9, 2018

PA Images/Sipa USA


(104.3 WOMC) -- I know there's been a ton of album remixes and releases but this one is quite special.  

Jimi Hendrix “Electric Ladyland” 50th Anniversary is out now and will make a perfect stocking stuffer for that psychedelic someone.  

While most albums benefit from a remix, this album is tailor-made for one.

 All Hendrix stuff was trippy up to this album, but “Electric Ladyland” had pushed those boundaries even farther.

Remember this album was named after the state of the art studio Hendrix had built and the meter could run almost endlessly during recording sessions without breaking the bank.

In fact, Detroit’s Jim McCarty jammed with Hendrix there about a year later and yes they rolled tape. Not having a “shot clock” hanging over his shoulder gave him the freedom to explore and create on a whole new level. Like some of his musical contemporaries, Hendrix sometimes over indulged with his new toy but the project as whole boldly went where no man...well you get it.

A writer called some of it a “trip and a half.”  What a great audio snapshot of the “rest of the story” though!

There are also demos, the rough sketches in audio pencil. A chance to hear the songs, like “Voodoo Chile,” skeletons before they were colored in and fleshed out.

Combine that with a Blu-Ray surround sound mix, and color me tie-dyed!