Holiday Reissue-Mania (Beatles, Stones, Etc.)

December 16, 2019

It’s time to talk about the new Reissues out for this holiday season.

First off, I know there are some that think this whole Reissue Mania has gotten a little out of hand and in some cases I agree. Insert Big BUT here, there are a group of bands and artists that exist on higher plane, up in the rarified air where stardom went beyond the musical, and became Generational. That 1965-75 period. That said, when one of these icons has a reissue, it carries much more weight and increases the “ got to have it” factor. Plus for me, They could come in handy on the air. For me personally, I used to host a feature called, “That Beatles Thing”, which dissected many  of their classics. It really worked for me because was the Beatles. The same applies for me with stuff like the Rolling Stones or Jimi Hendrix.

The first wave, heroes of the Woodstock era etc. Besides the Beatles "Abbey Road”, there’s the Stones “Let It Bleed" (both 1969), and Jimi’s “Songs for Groovy Children..The Fillmore East Concerts”.  There have been bootlegs out there for years covering more of Jimi’s music from those four shows NY Eve 69-70, but not on the actual album “Band of Gypsies”.  There’s also a David Bowie reissue that covers the very early years leading up to “Space Oddity”  This stuff will sound a little weird to most who are familiar with his later hits but didn’t know about his numerous attempts at stardom that were unsuccessful beginning in 1965. I bought an album that covered similar material back in the day called “Images” . Bowie was sort of a trippy folkish guy back in that Donovan soaked London Scene. I’d pass on that may self but Abbey Road, Let It Be, and Jimi’s jam are are tickling my musical itch. This may be thee answer for gift giving if you have to shop for someone with a similar...Affliction. - Steve