Dan Auerbach's Secret: Don't Be Too Good A Player

July 11, 2019

Mike Windle/Getty Images for Coachella


(104.3 WOMC) -- Today instead of music and concert news, here’s a little insight into that unexplained appeal of rock & roll. That “X” factor.  

Black Keys guitarist Dan Auerbach discussed the challenge of wanting to be a good guitarist, but not too good, in order to keep a feeling of freedom in his music.

Dan was reacting to a compliment Billy Gibbons made referring to Dan’s “sense of abandon," on guitar.

“You have to let go,” Auerbach told MusicRadar. “It’s a weird person that wants to get good at something, but not too good … that’s sort of always in me! 

He added that "it’s like, ‘How much do you really wanna know? Do you wanna be a jazz teacher?’ My heroes were always so simple, in a way, that I always stayed well away from that kind of stuff. I’m happy to just use my ears.”

That X factor plus familiarity and fun, has worked for most of us, most of our lives. Stones, Ramones, etc.

Plus, it's great news for the “high handicapper” guitarist. Rock & Roll is better than music!