Cancellation Bluez

September 27, 2019

A new fact of life for us fans of our Classic Rock Veterans is, we have lost many and the ones that remain are less superhuman than we originally thought. Wow. These guys are human? It seems to be snowballing a bit.

Mick and Seger, a while ago, and now Roger Daltrey and Steven Tyler have cancelled Who and Aerosmith shows, and Little Steven just announced the cancellation of his tour which was headed for St. Andrew’s downtown Oct. 13.

He said it was the first time he ever cancelled a tour like this. 

While the cancellation here in Detroit is a disappointment, bummer, it’s not nearly as bad as having one cancelled away from home.

Planning a trip around a show involving a flight and hotel is a blast. You’re somewhere else. Everyone is in a great mood. There’s a ton people from all over all coming together as fans of one of “our” greats. Great show, great vibe.

Imagine now putting in all that effort and cash, and the show does not happen.

Most folks don’t have the flexibility of schedule and cash to say no big deal. We’ve got lives, responsibilities.  We ain’t hitchhiking back from Goose Lake. Going forward it seems like a real potential “pothole” in rock-on-the-road trip plans and makes me think twice.

How about you?  Would YOU book one?