You Can Take The Man Out Of Detroit But..

September 10, 2019
 Alice Cooper

Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images


Alice Cooper has covered an early Bob Seger classic “East Side Story."

This song was a hit here in Detroit and burned up the airwaves back in the days of AM radio.

Pre-Silver Bullet Band, "East Side Story" was a great example of that early passionate Seger. You’ve probably heard me call it..”Young Bob, Angry Bob!” on the radio in the past.

While Alice says they’ve made it a little more hard rock, it might be a little harder but not by much. That’s due mostly to the outstanding vocals Bob laid down using stone age recording gear way back then.

Bob’s raucous pipes elevated this song to just this side of screaming, yet he always had the soulful quality which still lives on the Seger recording.

Hey ALICE, it’s almost like trying to cover a ripping Paul Rogers vocal. The fuzz bass or guitar also was really new then, (the first Fuzz Bass I ever heard was on “Think For Yourself,” The Beatles), and added immensely to the SEGER version,..real ”heavyoustiy”

Still a great effort and result from Auntie Alice! What do you think? Listen to it below.