Move Over 'Elf On A Shelf': Here Comes 'Peep On A Perch'

March 13, 2019

(104.3 WOMC) -- Move over, Elf on the Shelf.

Peep on a Perch, poised to become the latest holiday tradition, is a stuffed Peep that “magically” pops up at different places in your house, watching the kids to make sure they are acting with kindness in the days leading up to Easter.

The Peep of course is a stuffed version of the popular spring/Easter candy. The Peep on a Perch comes as part of a set that includes a storybook appropriate for ages 3 to 7. (The set runs about $24.95)

For kids, Peep on a Perch is an opportunity to learn about kindness. The story tells how the Easter Peep assists the Easter Bunny every year, decorating eggs and filling baskets and seeing how the children have acted with kindness as we approach Easter. The more kindness the Peep sees the happier he gets.