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KFC Is Giving Out Free Bowl Cuts

KFC is celebrating its $3 Famous Bowls.

January 9, 2019

(104.3 WOMC) -- While many have a strict loyalty to their barbers and hairdressers, if you're not one of those people, or are just really frugal, you can get a free hair cut courtesy of Kentucky Fried Chicken.

To celebrate dropping the price on their hefty, one-pound Famous Bowl meals, the Finger-lickin' good fast-food giant will dole out bowl cuts in Brooklyn, NY on Thursday. Saying they will "celebrate an abundance of food in a bowl with an abundance of style," KFC will offer several styles to choose, including "The Original Recipe," "The Spork & Bowl," "The Over The Top," "The Colonel's Stripes" and "The Gravy Fall."

Can't get to New York City? No worries. Hit up The Colonel's website where you can download idea photos for your stylist. Just make sure to tag your new doo, #KFCFamousBowlCuts. 

Andrea Zahumensky, U.S. chief marketing officer for KFC, says, "I can't believe we are actually selling a pound of delicious food for just $3...so naturally we're offering KFC-ified Famous Bowl Cuts to anyone who wants to be as famous as our Famous Bowls."

Forgot what a “bowl” haircut looks like, here are some examples from Hello Giggles