Playing "My Carona"? Learn The Solo

Playing "My Carona"? Learn The Solo

March 26, 2020

Getty Images Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer


The Knack's classic "My Sharona" has, for obvious reasons, seen its title connected to the coronavirus.

But without late lead singer and co-writer Doug Fieger, there's no way for the original band to reunite -- even if they felt they could inject humor into the current situation.

Credit lead guitarist Berton Averre with offering up a timely alternative. He's posted a video with wise advice, as he jams along with the instrumental track of the band's signature song.

Lots of music, but no words for the first three minutes -- before he's joined at the end of the clip by bass player Prescott Niles. Together, they replace the single's original ending with plea everyone agrees with: "Bye, Corona!"