Man Who Shares Daily Dad Jokes Holds Contest to Raise Money for COVID relief

JJ & JoAnne talk with Tom Schruben about the winning joke

June 29, 2020
Dad Joke

Credit: Tom Shruben

Since March when the COVID crisis began, Tom Schruben has been posting a daily "dad joke" on a whiteboard in his yard.

One of Tom Schruben's Dad Jokes
Photo Credit: Tom Schruben

The jokes became a hit with people looking for some comedic relief. The jokes became so popular, Tom started his own Dad Joke Facebook Page

Tom decided he wanted to make a difference with the dad jokes, so he started a contest to find the best, or worst, dad joke. Entries cost 5 dollars and all the money raised was donated to a non-profit in that helps families in need in the Washington D.C. area, where he lives.

Check out JJ & JoAnne's interview with Tom and hear the winning "dad joke".