Smartphones: Among The Finalists For This Year's Toy Hall Of Fame

September 12, 2019

The smartphone was among the 12 finalists announced yesterday (September 11th) for this year's induction into the National Toy Hall of Fame, included because it's a platform for mobile games and playful interactions like sending GIFs and altering photos, according to Hall officials. This year's other finalists for the Hall of Fame, which is located inside The Strong museum in Rochester, New York, are: Care Bears; the coloring book; Fisher-Price Corn Popper; Jenga; Magic the Gathering; Masters of the Universe; Matchbox cars; My Little Pony; Nerf Blaster; Risk; and the top. The winners will be inducted on November 7th. To make it into the Hall of Fame, toys have to be innovative, widely recognized, shown to be more than a passing fad and foster learning, creativity or discovery through play.