Heart: The Sisters Are Back!

February 7, 2019

Heart's Nancy Wilson recently told us she couldn't confirm a band reunion for a tour this year, only saying to "stay tuned."

Well, we can now report that a summer tour will be announced next week.

This will be Heart's first tour since 2016 when Ann Wilson's husband, Dean Wetter, assaulted Nancy's 16-year-old twin sons after they allegedly left the door to his RV open backstage at a show in Auburn, Washington.

Nancy tells us that the time apart has helped. She says, "Things are going pretty good. I mean, we’re more in touch than we’ve been, which is great... I feel like the humor is bubbling up again between us and, you know, time heals and things are good.”

And, leading up to the announcement are new Twitter posts showing the sisters in happier days.