(Photo by Vince Bucci/Invision/AP, File)

'Big Bang Theory' Series Finale Date Revealed

March 13, 2019

(104.3 WOMC) -- A sad day is coming for viewers of "Big Bang Theory," the final episode is set to air May 16.

The number one sitcom on broadcast television has lasted twelve seasons and although no one knows how the series will end, one thing is for sure there will be a lot of crying.

"Big Bang Theory" stars, Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny and Jim Parsons aka Sheldon said they want the sitcom to end the way most fans do; “fix the elevator.”

“That’s one of my wishes for the final episode,” says Parsons. “The elevator gets fixed, at least for a minute, and then we all get stuck in it.”

Leonard, played by Johnny Galecki, is hoping for an emotional ending because “all the crying that the cast does in the final taping will need to be justified.”