Young Couple 30 And 34 Retiring On Remote Island

On a budget of 10K a Year.

March 9, 2020
Young Couple

Getty Images/molchanovdmitry


Quite the venture retiring in your early 30's not making a bunch of money. Living on 10K a year a couple used their $100,000 savings to buy a small house on a remote Greek island, “Our whole aim was to create a life with less outgoings so we wouldn’t have to work as much, now because we don’t have a mortgage, we don’t have to work near as much as we used to in the UK.”

They were living with parents, and saving some money as dog walkers, “We absolutely loved our jobs, a lot of people were asking us why we wanted to leave, as we had the best job in the world."  The Greek Isle is where they often vacationed.  Hum, can I live on $10,000 a year in my favorite vacation town Charleston, SC?  They are low budget, and eco friendly, “We are very frugal, we don’t have any mortgage, our outgoings every month are minimal, we are vegetarians, we try to do everything to reduce our impact on the earth."  More here.