Woman Not Using Smartphone Is Close To Winning $100,000

So far she is nine months into the 1 year challenge.

October 7, 2019

Getty Images/Julia_Sudnitskaya


I told you a while back about the chance to win $100,000 by not using your smartphone for a year.  Vitaminwater is powering this giveaway.  Currently Elana Mugdan is nine months into the challenge. 

Per the rules, Elana can use a basic flip phone.

How has it affected her life? She says she's no longer addicted to smartphone use.

“I’ve decided that I will never go back to smartphone use once the one-year contest is up," she said, per reports. "I don’t think I can be trusted with the technology if I have access to a smartphone, I suspect I’ll go right back to abusing it, wasting time, staying up all hours of the night on it, and getting addicted to social media, and I really don’t want to go back to all that.”

On the downside, she has experienced some issues not using a smartphone. “Once, I almost got stranded in the SeaTac airport because the phone number I’d written down was wrong, and I had no way of looking up the right one, no way of calling a cab or Uber, and no one in the state who could help me.” More here.