Views On Alkaline Water Being and Not Being Beneficial

Keep in mind cancer is surrounded by acidic fluid.

August 30, 2019

Getty Images/AntonPhoto


I am a water fanatic. I dream of owning a water store with bottles from around the world.  I'm also about drinking water that has a high alkaline score. There's talk about it being better for our body compared to most drinking water, and two of the most purchased bottle waters being acidic.

Some are saying the positive talk about alkaline water is a bunch of hype.  I will even show you what they are saying, this from a professor at Indiana University, “If you believe the marketing hype, alkaline water can increase your energy, boost your metabolism, hydrate you better than regular water, prevent digestive problems, neutralize acid in your bloodstream, help your body absorb nutrients more effectively, promote weight loss, prevent bone loss, and even slow aging. But there is actually no scientific justification for imbibing alkalinized water.”

Our body works to balance acid water to a balance of 7 which is the score between acidic and alkalized, their view, “Your body wants something close to neutral, and it has numerous ways of achieving it.” I prefer save my body work from trying to make things non acidic by drinking alkaline water.  Keep in mind cancer is surrounded by acidic fluid. More of their point of view here. More of mine here.