Very Dangerous Impersonation

For the benefit of quick passage in airports.

November 21, 2019
Getty Images/YakobchukOlena

Getty Images/YakobchukOlena


The impersonation this guy pulled off could be dangerous.  Fortunately he admitted it and made officials aware. Rajan Mahbubani impersonated an airline pilot for the benefit of quick passage in airports,  “Mahbubani said that he is a frequent traveler and used to dress up as a pilot to gain easy access during security clearance and get preferential treatment from security agencies and airlines.” 

I'm curious how many times he got away with it. After this I'm sure security at all airports know his look, “AirAsia India from Delhi Airport called up Lufthansa office to confirm the travel of this person who was wearing the German carrier’s uniform and had an identity card. Lufthansa immediately sent its team to contact this person at boarding gate 52 inside the security hold area of T3, Delhi Airport. When confronted by Lufthansa officials, this person admitted to impersonation.”  More here