Teacher Coached From Starbucks Parking Lot

Because of issues at home.

November 2, 2020
Laptop in car

Getty Images/vadimguzhva


Many are working from home, imagine having internet issues.  That happen when a middle school teacher was coaching wrestling.  Jason Guiducci coaches from his backyard and the internet did not work.  So he drove to the school parking lot and tried connecting there, it did not work.  Then stopped at a Starbucks and did connect with their internet in the parking lot, "I'm teaching from my car and I am hacking Starbucks' Wi-Fi.  Love you, Starbucks!"

One of his students reacted, "He was sitting in his car and talking to us about where he was and why he was there.  I was, like, laughing because I've never seen that before."  

This can happen with radio people working from home.  Hah, fortunately I have a Hybrid with plugs I can use for my broadcast equipment outside a Starbucks. UPI