Sue People And Win With Free App

It's actually worked against big corporations.

October 10, 2018

Zimmytws |

Have you ever wanted to sue a person or corporation but could not afford doing it? Motherboard reports that an app has expanded to the point of helping you sue anyone for free. The app is called DoNotPay.  The creators inspiration, “I was a terrible driver when I turned 18 I got about 30 parking tickets, so I created the first version of Do Not Pay to help people get out of their parking tickets.” Then the app was broadened,  “This made me realize i should probably expand this into other areas of the law. If people are being conned with parking tickets, they’re probably being conned elsewhere.”

The app has won cases against major corporations, “At the time, lawyers said it was crazy, they said how can people represent themselves in small claims court before a big corporation. I was shocked, actually, when people started winning these cases for like $9,000 without the help of a lawyer. So that helped me realized if I can do it with Equifax, I can do it with everyone.”  See how it works here